DevOps and Why You Need a Managed Code Team

Cloud Computing is complex.

I have focused on cloud computing since 2007, nearly 10 years.  I write a lot of code myself for Azure Cloud and I also pay the bills giving me a real perspective.  Whoever told you or intimated that cloud computing would make your life easier as a developer, ISV, systems integrator, failed to tell you the truth.

My company Intact, is dedicated to your success. Cloud is not easy.  Read on to learn more…

If you want or expect to have it easy in a cloud world then you need to use “Software as a Service” (SaaS) apps where somebody else owns, maintains, and supports your IT needs.

If you are an IT Pro, developer, or IT manager that has mission critical applications that you support for your customers and you are already “saturated” at the team level then expect a long day when shifting to cloud.

EDIT: Azure has more than 50 individual services and growing.  There are at least 5 different ways to configure each of the majority of those.  That means that there are more than 5 million combinations to configure Azure.

Cloud over the past ten years has expanded exponentially in its service offerings.  The number of different items to contend with in porting workloads, developing new services, and maintaining control simply overwhelms whole teams.  I wrote several years ago, “No jobs would be lost due to cloud.  The jobs would change and the responsibility would change but it will still require people with new skills to run cloud applications.”

My friend (let’s call him Joe), is an IT Pro and manager who wants to learn cloud computing for his team.  I admire Joe for his desire to make the transition.  Joe’s problem is the team skills deficit in general.  Joe desires to learn cloud and implement it as he would have past projects.  My company and my team are immersed 100% in Azure Cloud.  We don’t do AWS or any other cloud for a very simple reason.  Being an expert means focusing on one thing.  Intact is focused on business applications for Azure Cloud – nothing else.  Believe me when I tell you, there are too many moving parts to cloud to think that you can “tinker” with it.  Obsolesces is measured in months not years.  You must have a continuous integration mindset about your applications.

DevOps – development and operations.  In raw form this means that the developers are responsible for the operation.  In my experience very few teams are configured for this type of computing model.  Currently responsibilities are spread across many different teams: developers, testers, security, administration, release management, maintenance, network, systems and so forth.  I have been in the hundreds of meeting where all the team leads discuss the weekly and monthly issues list.  The structure of organizations is wrong for cloud services.  You still need all of those skills but the “who” is responsible and delivering is completely different.

Intact helps teams through automation reach cloud application maturity in DevOps by supplying the missing skills.


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