About Larry

C-Level management leader with empirical experience creating value for companies or government

Change Agent

Business (corporate or government) is never static, I completely understand this and passionately push for change in the organization.
I work with senior management in the private and public sectors saving real money through efficient use of IT service and making money for companies with a thorough understanding of their business needs.  I know business and I know government.  This unique perspective sets me apart.  As a business owner I know IT’s value – I write the checks.  As a government worker I understand government’s unique IT challenges – I approve the purchases.  In both cases I find the value points.  I am most respected for my honesty and integrity by others while I consider myself to be a very strong IT resource.

I am energized by challenges.  With an engineering mind I find the real issues and work on those.  I understand the importance of the players winning.  I win by helping them see the solution to problems.

Experienced and Entrepreneurial

I have business experience and have developed innovative products services.  I have been in large corporate environments, government, and created new start-up companies.

In the past five years I have worked on a Rackspace cloud conversion for my company, two Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions one at the Florida House of Representatives, Redistricting Committee, and currently as the CIO for the Department of State taking the most mission critical divisions to Azure Cloud.

Cloud computing promises to save money; private and public.  It can.  I know because I have done it in my own business and in Florida Department of State.  But it is not a silver bullet!  Mobile and device applications are real drivers today.  I have deep understanding of the changes in the relationship and the changes needed to have successful IT services which include cloud and mobile devices with your business line applications.


Leadership in IT extends upward where I help the executive management with the real issues facing the organization.

With a successful track record I have the experience necessary to lead the IT organization.

  • Vision casting
  • Budget, finance, contract negotiation
  • Organizational and people skilled
  • Global experience
  • Industries: Industrial, finance, healthcare, government

My leadership also extends downward energizing the staff and contractors to deliver exactly what the company needs.  For example coming onboard at the Department of State I found an untrained staff with a mentality of “we’ve never done anything like this before”, “this is government – nothing changes”, “they will never let you do this”, and “we can’t because it is too hard”.  It was a house of “non-believers” and “know-it-alls” there to ensure failure.  In short I had to sell the concept from top to bottom, become its greatest champion, and show a fearful, underpaid, and intimidated group of people that the cloud is simply just another computer.  Maybe I left out a few facts early on, but now 17 months later there is no stopping my team.  My team has overcome all obstacles, has broken down years of complacency, and is set free to think.  Communications between business units and IT has never been better.  Some had worked in the Department for over a decade and never met face to face.


I involve myself in activities outside my direct job that create opportunities.

I am a charter member of the State Information Technology Workgroup, an interagency advisory board to develop IT strategy for enterprise services.  I moderated a panel at the Cloud Computing Conference in Miami with fellow panelist from NASA Goddard CIO, Adobe Developer Evangelist, EMC CTO of Healthcare, VMware Director of Healthcare Solutions.

I also am a member of the State CIO Council.  I am our Department’s lead negotiator and subject matter expert on Florida’s One-Stop Business Registration Portal; a five agency project to streamline business formation in Florida.  This is a high-profile initiative of both the legislative and executive branches.

Forward Thinking

Always researching the trends in business to see the road ahead lets me innovate and simultaneously reduce risk and cost.  I generally am an early adopter of new technology.

I believe that the future of computing technology for the next couple decades will be based on distributed computing systems (cloud).  I further believe that devices (mobile and embedded) are the inevitable wave of future human/machine interfaces.  This is certainly true now in consumer technology devices and will fan out into industrial and government very rapidly.


I have global experience in the industrial automation world and experience as a confirmed successful CIO.  I also have the unique understanding as a business owner and as a hands-on developer, in other words, a CIO that can write code.  I have strong business skills and all the qualities that a CIO must have.  I am therefore uniquely qualified for the CIO position.


Cloud computing development through senior management. Planning, strategy, goals, implementation. I help organizations cast the vision and create value with finely tuned systems.



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